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 "During my time as President & CMO
of Miva Inc, TSM proved to be a great
partner in dealing with our corporate
domain management"
Seb Bishop,
International CEO,Joinred.com


TSM International was established in November 2000 and with more than 12 years of expertise in dealing with domain names registration on each continent , we are the leaders in Corporate Domain Names Management;

To be eligible for a Corporate account, you need to register with us 100 cctlds (country code top level domain ) or transfer your existing portfolio to us.

Domain Name registrations should not be expensive. With us you'll find that you will be saving thousands on your annual spend and still get a better, quicker and more reliable service than your actual provider.

Switching over to TSM couldn't be easier. It's fast and simple no bla bla, no quibble, and you get it all at a fair price!

Corporate accounts are entitled to generous volume discounts from Day 1!

We are taking care of all the procedure to move your domains smoothly to your TSM Premier account. You can sit back and relax.

Contact our sales representative today at corp@tsmintl.com. We will be happy to set up a meeting to discuss your requirements and if you are a bit too far away, a visio conference can be arranged.

Hands on Approach:

A Multilingual platform
We give you access to a multilingual platform with admin and sub users account. You can set the permissions to allow users to only do the tasks you allow them to do.

Global Management of registrations, transfers and renewals
We take care of all the registrations, renewals and transfers. If your domain portfolio is spread across a few companies, we centralise everything with your point of contact.

We work along side your team to develop a domain strategy to protect your digital assets and also promote maybe a new product or service in your group of companies.

Your portfolio is safeguarded with automactic renewals

Protection and legal action against Cybersquatters
We help you fight cybersquatters; We have a dedicated legal team with many years of experience and a strong knowledge of IP rights.

Example: in 2006 we were contacted by Damon Hill, Formula 1 world champion in 1996.Our legal team gathered the evidence to be able to prove the ownership of his domain name damonhill.co.uk.

In less than a month we managed to recover his domain name.

-We keep you abreast of all the changes that affect the countries you have domains registered in and All the latest developments across the world.

Legal action does not usually has to be taken as most registries will have a UDRP in place to be able to contest a registration. But in some cases, a WIPO arbitration or even court proceedings are necessary.

Each case is different and requires a different course of action.

Ensuring your Privacy
In order to protect your identity your details are never revealed on the internet. Your privacy is paramount and we make sure it is all kept confidential. Like lawyers, we are bound by a confidential agreement that we sign with our clients.:

In 2001 we were contacted by The lead singer of the band Europe (www.europetheband.com) to remove all private information like personal phone numbers and addresses from the web.

That's exactly what we did and in less than a week, Joey got his privacy back!

Domain Acquisition and Disposals
We help you acquire the domains you require to protect your brand. Through our proxy service the seller will never know your identity which allow us to make cheaper acquisition and keep your fans away if you are in the public eye.

You've got some domains to sell, you've come to the right place. Your strategy has changed and you would like to get some returns on some of your domain names, then talk to us.

We have a large database of domain buyers ready to snap a good domain. Our preference will go for short, generic domains, brandable names (no typos, trademarks, hyphenated, or adult domains)

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